Repair Service

Professional with a long career trained at Tricots Saint James Brand and awarded with the EPV (Living Heritage Company) for French firms.

This French award recognize the excellence of the traditional and industrial work that Momoko have, including also three years of experience in the three different sewing factories in Japan.

Our highly-skilled style and confection in this field will make possible to repair and mend all types of yarns and knitted items like cashmere, viscose, wool, cotton and all kind of different of scratches holes in your knit garments. 

Momoko is fully prepared using the best techniques to repair with the invisible mending technique your most precious garment guaranteeing an impeccable and professional service. 

We offer a high range of services made with love and based on our experience of know-how , offering a flawless and dedicated result to make your items a long-life value for you in your wardrobes. 

We can quote you and give you also a free estimate about how much it will be amount for mending your garment.

Our special knitwear care service starts from the picking up items processing the good, re-dressing, mending until it will be repaired to be delivered as once you brought it from the brand you purchased the value. 









This is how we work.

Picking up the items by appointment in Paris, and also we have a drop off point in Central Paris, where you can leave the item and we will pick it up.  
*Please make sure to clean your belongings before delivery.
*Delivery date depends on our workloads. Please text or e-mail us before delivery so we can give you an estimated date.

The drop off point is:                                                                    


  Mercerie ULTRAMOD

4 Rue de Choiseul 75002 Paris

Métro: Quatre Septembre
Monday,Tuesday, Thursday,Friday 10:00-18:00
Wednesday  10:00-19:30

Saturday 14:00-18:00




Once we have in our workshop your item,it will be examined for all faults like holes, drags, dropped stiches and different defects that the item presents. 

After determined the flaws in your item, we will contact you to give you the estimate price that it will cost the repair. Once you approve it, we will start the invisible mending service with the most similar yarn to make professionally the repair to look as perfect and seamless as when you bought the item. 

Once the job is finished we will contact you to show you some pictures and compare, the before and after status of the garment. We will re-examinate the item for further faults and defects to repair it too if it as well if it's necessary. 

⑤When the item is ready, we will contact you to set up an appointment and pick up your knit garment. We also have the choice to deliver it in Paris or get the item at the Mercerie ULTRAMODduring the opening hours of the shop. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerning all about re-dressing, mending and repairing knits, cashmere, viscose, wool.  



Chères clientes, chers clients,


Je vous remercie infiniment de vos messages,

actuellement il y a une forte demande, je reviendrai vers vous dès que possible.

Je vous informe que le délai actuel est de 4 semaines minimum à partir de la réception de commande.

Merci de votre comprehension.




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Repair service Price chart, incl (VAT) from September 2022

HOLE from 22€ 

MOTH HOLES from 25€ 

DAMAGED KNIT from 25€ 




You can find all pictures of repairs by Momoko on Instagram stories!